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Business Analytics Computing Resources

ACA System Specifications

The ACA computing platform is contained in a single IBM rack and contains the following equipment:

Hardware components

Switches: Two Mellanox 100GbE switches.

Storage: IBM Elastic storage. 500 TB of storage.

Computing servers: Two IBM Power 8 Linux servers. Each Power server has 64 cores with a memory of 256 GB.

Software components

Server 1 details:
• Operating system: Red Hat RHEL7 Power Little Endian
• Analytical software packages: Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib
• Databases: PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch
• Webserver: Nginx

Server 2 details:
• Operating system: Ubuntu
• Databases: PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch
• Webserver: Nginx

The two servers are connected to the 500 TB storage.

Server 1 currently hosts the ACA analytic software. Server 2 is currently used for projects associated with the Business Analytics Initiative.