Our business analytics research efforts are designed to be leveraged to solve real problems facing businesses in an effort to increase revenue, efficiency and productivity.

Current Research Projects

Using AI to Battle COVID-19 (Partner: Clinton Health Access Initiative)

In partnership with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), the Business Analytics Initiative is developing an AI (artificial intelligence) system that will investigate, collate and curate myriad data sources (e.g. government, scientific, professional, public, advocacy, as well as social media, e.g. Twitter and Google Trends) to determine the nature of COVID-19 and, most importantly, understand the best practices for preventing its expansion and re-occurrence.

Building on IBM Watson Technology to Advance Sustainability in Coatings Industry (Partner: American Coatings Association)

As part of a project originally started under the former Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS), the Business Analytics Initiative is working with the American Coatings Association (ACA) to develop a system that will provide current information on health and environmental studies or reported effects that may be emerging on materials of interest in the ACA members’ supply chains so that they can proactively guide their formulation changes.

Student Research Projects

Aidan McCarthy

Aidan McCarthy​ is a senior majoring in statistics and business administration who is looking into patients with COVID-19 self-diagnosing on social media and how that data is predictive of trends in actual COVID-19 infections.

Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar​ is beginning a master’s degree in analytics at NC State, and spent his time with the BAI looking into developing a framework to analyze the effectiveness and impact of artificial intelligence on business problems.

Gijs Overgoor

Gijs Overgoor​ is a Ph.D. candidate in marketing at the University of Amsterdam. As a visiting researcher at NC State, Overgoor uses AI and visual analytics to study consumers’ interactions with images online.

Tom Rees

Tom Rees, ​who is beginning a master’s degree in analytics at NC State, is curious about how businesses could apply AI to data-driven projects. He was able to develop a framework that analyzes the effectiveness and impact of AI on business problems.

Iris Bennett

Iris Bennett​ is a Ph.D. candidate in statistics who researches the applications of Sparse Markov Models to bot detection and understanding the spread of health misinformation on social media.

Anthony Weishampel

Anthony Weishampel​ is a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the department of statistics who applies Functional Data Analysis methods to model social media users’ behaviors and classify the users based on their online activity. These models have been used to detect automated and state-linked accounts, as well as elicit other latent features of the users.

Trevor Ferree

Trevor Ferree​ is a recent graduate from NC State with a degree in economics and a minor in statistics. His research primarily focuses on social media analytics and forecasting virality of any topic. Ferree is also exploring research around how healthcare workers utilize social media to express thoughts regarding COVID-19.

Rohan Mestri

Rohan Mestri, ​a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in computer science, is interested in how deep learning can help us to better understand how to process and examine the informational content of images.

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