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BAI Roundtable Envisions the Future of Data Science and Analytics

The Power of Business Analytics

More than 100 faculty members, professionals and students gathered at the day-long event on April 17, 2024 to discuss emerging trends and think critically about what lies ahead.

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The Business Analytics Initiative (BAI), housed in the Poole College of Management at NC State University, serves as the hub for all of our business analytics activities including:

  • Providing a world class business education that enables our graduates to tackle today’s challenging data-driven business problems.
  • Engaging in world-class ​research​ that develops innovative methodologies, frameworks, and tools to help organizations address their challenges head-on
  • Delivering global thought leadership to industry and providing a forum to discuss their analytics challenges with one another.

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Business Analytics has the potential to transform the modern organization — making the organization more efficient, robust and successful than ever before. To make this transformation, we need to take advantage of the volume, velocity and variety of modern data. The BAI will train students, conduct research and provide insights into how to transform large-scale data, in all its forms, from raw data to the wisdom necessary to guide their organizations.

Bill Rand, BAI Executive Director
McLauchlan Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Analytics, Poole College of Management

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