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Paul Mugge

Professor of Innovation


For 50 years, 35 years in industry and 15 years at NC State as the Executive Director of CIMS, Mr. Mugge’s specialty has been “innovation management.”

It was through this experience that Mugge learned that more important than technology or product innovation is business model innovation. It, by far, is the hardest to copy—and the most important to establishing long-term growth. He captured these ideas—and the actual methods to perform business model innovation—in a book he co-authored with Dr. Stephen Markham titled, Traversing the Valley of Death: A practical guide for corporate innovation leaders. More recently, Mugge got caught up in the biggest business model innovation of our time—digital transformation. In his latest book titled, Trust: The Winning Formula for Digital Leaders, he and his co-authors, Abbu and Gudergan, explore how “building trust”—and not their technological competence — sets the leaders of this phenomenon apart. Currently, Mr. Mugge shares what he has learned with organizations that intend to separate themselves from their competition by implementing a digital transformation. (Please see for a description of this and my colleagues work.) Quite appropriately, Mr. Mugge’s research and publication activities are now focused on helping advance the timely mission of the Business Analytics Initiative (BAI).