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Sherry Fowler

Professor of Practice in Information Technology and Business Analytics


Specialty: IT/IS, Business Analytics, Social Media Data Mining

Sherry L. Fowler is a professor of practice, author, practitioner, and consultant in the fields of Information Technology and Business Analytics, with the specific goal of applying technology to solve business problems and strategically positioning companies to develop tech-related competitive opportunities. She has a varied and multi-year professional career of systems analysis, software design and development, project management, database design and development, data analytics, business process redesign, and IT consulting, working with large and small companies.

Fowler currently brings real-world discussions and solutions to NC State University classrooms, where she is a professor of practice in the areas of Information Systems Management, Software Development, and Business Analytics and the Director of the undergraduate Business Analytics Honors Program for the Poole College of Management. She has researched and authored a textbook in the area of spreadsheet data analytics, and her primary scholarly interest is the strategic use of information technology in business. Another key research interest is the evaluation of social media systems (both the valuable aspects and the dark side) and in social media data mining at the intersection of Information Systems and Criminology for the betterment of society. Her work blends software development methodologies, contemporary IT trends, data analytics and machine learning and deep learning techniques, and many different types of information technology tools, all in an effort to customize value-added solutions to organizations and society at large.