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Rakesh Ravi

Chief Data Scientist


Specialty: unstructured data analysis and converting unstructured information to structured visualization patterns.
Rakesh Ravi has been working with the Business Analytics Initiative since its inception. Before working with the BAI, he worked as a Data Scientist for BAI’s predecessor – CIMS (Center for Innovation Management Studies). Rakesh began working for CIMS after graduation in 2016. One of his first projects was with the American Coatings Association where his team had to analyze unstructured data and convert the information to structured text using Natural Language Processing and then create visualization dashboards to display the structured information. This was a three year R&D project which started in 2017. Since then, he has worked on multiple other projects with Industry partners which involved analyzing unstructured data.
Apart from working as a Data Scientist for the BAI, he is a professor in the Business Management department and he teaches two undergraduate courses: Intro to Business Analytics and Web Development for Business Applications.