Who We Are

In today’s marketplace, data insights are required for making better, more strategic business decisions.

​NC State’s Business Analytics Initiative, located in the Poole College of Management, ​seeks to provide our students with a premier ​education ​for handling and solving today’s challenging data-driven business problems, engage in world-class ​research​ that develops innovative methodologies, frameworks, and tools to help organizations address their challenges head-on, while also delivering global ​thought leadership​ to firms and providing a forum to discuss their analytics challenges with each other.

How data analytics adds value...

  • Improves decision-making
  • Provides quantifiable, data-driven evidence
  • Directs actions based on trends
  • Identifies new opportunities
  • Improves goal-setting

Meet Our Team

Leadership & Staff

Bill Rand

Executive Director

Rakesh Ravi

Chief Data Scientist

Steering Committee

Vivek Ajmani

Teaching Assistant Professor

Sherry Fowler

Professor of Practice in Information Technology and Business Analytics

Donnie Hale

Lecturer in Business Analytics

Denis Pelletier

Associate Professor of Economics

Rishika Rishika

Associate Professor of Marketing

James Scalise

Professor of the Practice

Leigh Shamblin

Director of Leadership and Professor of Practice

Richard Warr

Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

Associated Research Faculty

Paul Mugge

Professor of Innovation